Physical Activity Program Information

The Physical Activity (PA) Program Information Checklist will help organizations provide clear information about their Physical Activity programs.

A child with a disability playing baseball

Image: A child with a disability plays baseball. They run to base, while adults run along side while cheering them on.

Organizations should provide families of children and youth with disabilities with clear and detailed information about your physical activity programs, staff and facilities.

Why is this information important? Families of children and youth with disabilities report that it is difficult to find information about accessible physical activity programs. In some cases, this becomes a barrier to physical activity participation. Providing clear information about your programs, staff, and facilities can remove these barriers and improve participation.

This checklist is for any organization that offers physical activity or sport programming. It was created as an easy resource for your organization to use either as a starting place or an audit. You can make sure that your physical activity and sport programming descriptions include the information families and people with disabilities need.

We currently have the checklist in English and are working on French translations. Discover them both by via the page links below!

PA Checklist (English)PA Checklist (French)

About the PA Program Information Checklist

We took existing research and consulted with families of children and youth with disabilities. We developed a checklist of important information organizations should share about their physical activity programs.

Behind the Scenes

The research team adopted a systematic approach for the development, implementation and evaluation of the checklist. These steps are outlined in the figure below.

Step 1

Conducted a study among parents of children and youth with disabilities to identify their information needs.

Step 2

Conducted a scoping review to identify evidence to inform the checklist.

Step 3

Develop a draft checklist.

Step 4

Consulted with sport and physical activity organizations.

Step 5

Consulted with parents of children and youth with disabilities.

Step 6

Develop a final checklist based on the research and consultations.